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We have forgotten how to breathe.

It’s true. Most of us breathe wrong without even knowing it. And since we average about 25000 breaths per day, breathing wrong can be outright harmful to both our mental and physical health.

This harmful ‘modern breathing ’ is fast, shallow, and primarily with the chest. Over time, this creates stress, impacts our immune system, and makes us prone to illness. Our sleep, digestion, and ability to focus are also affected. If you snore during sleep, it’s a sign that something is not quite right.

It’s time we rediscover how to breathe.

You see, when we’re born, we all breathe the right way. We just unlearn it as we grow older. This program will teach you how to breathe right again.

We will go through simple breathing techniques that will help you manage stress better. You will learn techniques to help you focus, improve digestion, and fall asleep at night.

We will also go through exercises that make it easier to get out of bed when you feel tired and to energize yourself in the afternoon instead of getting that fourth cup of coffee.

About breathing

Breathing exercises can be compared to meditation. They both have the same positive effects on our bodies. They lower our blood pressure, pulse, and gives our bodies a chance to recharge. Most of us know that meditation is good for us, but we still don’t do it. Maybe we’re unsure ‘how’ to do it or we might think it’s too ‘spiritual’.

Breathing exercises on the other hand are functional, concrete, and accessible. You can do them in front of the computer, in meetings or during a walk.

Breathing is our body’s built-in toolbox that helps us tackle different situations in the best possible way. It’s free, accessible and simple. The only problem is that most people don’t know about it. But soon you will!

About Andetag

Andetag is a Los Angeles-based breath studio founded by Swedish native Elsa Unenge to help more people discover the power of their breath. Elsa is a certified breath coach helping both individuals and businesses breathe themselves happier and healthier.

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