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I was about to enter a stretch of intense working against the clock when I reached out to Elsa... I'm not sure I could have pulled it off if she hadn't taken me through the basic mechanics and science of breath... Then taught me some simple exercises which helped my focus and stamina as well as having a beneficial effect on my blood pressure. She's a born teacher and communicator and no one could take her short but intense course of instruction without it leading to better physical and mental health.

- Ron Hutchinson, Emmy-winning screenwriter and playwright

As a professor at UCLA at the Jules Stein Eye Institute and Chief of Ophthalmology at Providence St. John’s hospital, I come across those few that I am honored to write a recommendation. I worked Elsa learning the science of breathing. It is a remarkable science and one that can lower blood pressure, lower anxiety and benefit anyone in any situation. It is also something very few of us understand and it’s a forgotten art. Elsa is beautiful on the inside and outside. She is kind, smart, caring and a great listener. Thank you for your teaching me.

- Dr. Cynthia Boxrud, MD & professor at UCLA 

My team and I did a breathing session with Elsa Jun-21 and were all very surprised to learn how much our breathing can impact our life both at work and outside of work. I know a majority of us actively have been using the techniques we practiced both to reduce stress during our workdays and to improve our everyday breathing. I am very happy PwC let us do Elsa’s class and hope that we will be able to do more sessions in the future. I would recommend Elsa as a breath coach to all employers out there!

- Sandra, Senior Manager, PwC

I was lucky enough to work with Elsa while I was working for Starcity, a coliving property management company. Elsa led a number of breathwork workshops and yoga classes for our communities on a regular basis, and did an amazing job doing so.


Each of her workshops were thoughtfully organized, informative, and gave each of the attendees tools to carry with them into their day-to-day life. Her techniques are approachable and the way in which she presents the information truly helped each attendee feel at ease. She was consistently one of our top-requested workshops, our members were thrilled with the results of the practices she taught them, and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future!

- Cassi, Associate Director, Experience at Common

Elsa is a brilliant breathing teacher! I knew how we breathe plays an important role in our health, but I had no idea how much breathing is connected to literally everything we do and feel, and also how much improving it would help me maximize my training, and also relax throughout the day. Elsa gave me all the info, taught me how to breathe well, and gave me all the science behind it. What I love more about her is how much invested she is and how she is truly interested in understanding how she can help you specifically.

- Marilena, Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer

I just completed 4 Breath sessions with Elsa. I signed up because I noticed that although I was breathing throughout the day, it was a very shallow breath from my chest. In 4 classes I learned different types of breath and am now much more conscientious during the day. I begin each day with an energizing breath and end with a relaxing breath. Most importantly I remember to breathe properly during the day. I loved the classes and will take what I learned into my daily life forever (I hope!).

- Julie, Senior Agent | Founder McDonald/Selznick Associates

Elsa hosted a brilliant and much-appreciated remote video session for a group of 25 for our company conference. Team members felt immediately relaxed and de-stressed after the session but more importantly; have since shared that they have incorporated (and been helped by) some of the techniques practised with Elsa into their workday and daily lives. Would recommend every company out there to give their team some time with Elsa!

- Amanda, Country Manager UK at Redgert Comms
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